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Great BCAA and EAA powder

I've tried several BCAA powders and this one is right up there with best. Love the combination of BCAA with EAA plus a few little recovery benefit extras in the form of glutamine, turmeric and tart cherry. Mixes well, not overly sweet and great tasting to boot!

Amino stack contains 6000mg of BCAA & 2700mg of Eaa with added glutamine & Coconut water powder for recovery & hydration. Also added is S7 , seven plant based ingredient to increase internal nitric oxide by 240% for better pumps. 450g tub, 30 servings.
C Street


Its great to find a new vitamin and mineral supplement that has everything in one capsule to help with a balanced diet in this fast paced lifestyle we all live in today.
The fact it contains vitamin D3 which has good anti viral properties (as told to me by a pharmacist) as well as being good for ones mood was one of the key things for me.
The inclusion of L-Glutamine that aids the immune system and helps prevent muscle break down is great not only after a hard day at work but also a session in the gym too.
I am pleased to see Tumeric is also on the list of ingredients, there is a lot of information about how good Tumeric is for the body, but finding a way to consume it in a way that inst just in cooking was difficult, until now. I can take it with all the other vitamins daily, best of all for a price that isnt going to break the bank.

Multivitamins & Minerals supplement with 100% daily value with added turmeric, glutamine, choline bitartrate, citrus bioflavonoids and grape seed extract for health, vitality and wellbeing 120 tablets
Shane Hatley