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Multivitamins for kids




Are you having a hard time making yourkids eat veggies and fruits?

Worried that they are not getting enoughof the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients daily?


Well, say goodbye to those worries with ActiveKids, our new liquid Multivitamin, Minerals, and Super Greenssupplement for kids in yummy orange flavour that can be easily given to yourlittle angels with water or their favourite drink.


Have peace of mind knowing that withonly one shot of this kid’s health and wellbeing liquid supplement you areempowering their growing bodies with 29 essential nutrients that supporthealthy growth and development while making sure that they are energetic with astrong immune system.



This liquid multivitamin supplementfeatures Vitamin A, C, D3, and E, as well as Vitamin B Complex (Vitamin B1, B2,B3, B5, B6, B7, and B12). All are key for growth and development.



Together withour multivitamins, we added minerals such as Calcium (key for bonesdevelopment), Magnesium and Zinc (essential nutrients for growth anddevelopment), Selenium (good for immune support), Manganese (good for bonesdevelopment, liver, and kidney function), Chromium (key for insulin sensitivityand metabolism), Potassium (important for metabolism and body functions), andIodine (key for the production of hormones for metabolism, growth, anddevelopment).



To furtherprovide your child with more essential nutrients, the Active Kids supplement isenhanced with Super Greens such as Spirulina Powder (a rich source of mineralsand vitamins that support the immune and cardiovascular system), Alfalfa Powder(a source of essential minerals and vitamins that supports kids’ generalphysical and mental activity), and Broccoli Powder (helps support kids’ healthybrain growth and function).



Active Kids is boosted with a specialEnergiser Blend that features Citrus Bioflavonoids (support the immune system),CoQ10 (helps the body produce energy for cell growth), Choline L-Bitartrate(brain and heart health support), PABA (maintains skin health), Inositol(balances certain chemicals in the body that help with mental conditions anddisorders), and Lutein Esters Complex (combats free radicals and supports eyehealth). 


One servingdose (15ml) has just 20kcal of which 5g are carbs and there are no fats.  Additionally, this liquid supplement isnut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free, and non-GMO. Meaningthis completely vegan kid supplement is easy to digest and absorb by theirgrowing bodies.



When it comesto your most beloved ones, you are understandably worried about supplementscoming from countries with questionable production and quality standards. Youcan rest assured with Gene Blast Nutrition, as we are a UK brand that producesActive Kids in Sweden under the most strident inspection and quality standardsof the European Union.


You already live a too stressful andbusy lifestyle. With Active Kids, you will have one less worry about your kid’snutrition and development.


💚 Getyour Active Kids liquid vitamins, minerals, and super greens for kidsnow risk-free!

Frequantally asked questions

What does Active kids do and who is it intended for

Active Kids Liquid Multivitamin is specifically designed for growing children. This formula is as clean as it gets. A shot of 15 or 30 ml every day is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients for the Growth and Development of Children

Suitable for Boys & Girls

Intended for children aged 3-16 years to enhance Health, Vitality, Well-Being and keep Nutrient levels topped up

How do I take Active Kids

Children aged 3-9 15ml

Children aged 10-16 30ml

Can be taken direct with measuring cap provided
Diluted in water or mixed with your childs favourite juice
Suitable Diets
Active Kids can be taken with the following diets,


Soy free
Nut free
Egg free
Gluten free
Lactose free

This product is NON-GMO
Can I take Active kids with medication
We advise those taking medication or are under medical supervision to consult their health care professional/doctor before taking Active Kids or any other supplements.

What is the difference between Liquid and Pill Multi-Vitamins.

LIQUID MULTI-VITAMINS: Have no hard outer shell that has to disintegrate for absorption.
ABSORBTION: (How Much Your Body Retains) 98%
COST EFFECTIVNESS: The same product can be taken in different doses to serve multiple family members.

PILL MULTI-VITAMINS:  Has a hard outer shell that must disintegrate within 30 minutes for maximum positive impact. Very few vitamin supplement pills live up to this requirement.
ABSORBTION:(how much the body retains) 3% to 20%
COST EFFECTIVNESS: Difficult to adjust the concentration of pills. Need to buy varying strengths of the same product.

LIQUID VITAMINS: Are easily absorbed by the body and recommended for therapeutic management of certain illnesses and for conditions that require faster results. Since they come as liquid form, they do not present swallowing issues and thus, recommended for children and some adults who have problems swallowing pills.

Do I need to give my child Multi-Vitamins

You do your best to make sure your child eats a healthy diet. But let's be real, life gets in the way sometimes. A daily multivitamin may seem like a good insurance policy to make up for those days when dinners are on-the-go and the nutrition flag flies at half-mast.
What makes Active kids Multi-Vitamins different from other Child Vitamins

29 Active Ingredients

Fast absorbing formula

130+EFSA Approved Health Claims (European Food Safety Authority)

100% Natural Flavour and Natural Colour

Where is Active Kids Made
Active Kids Liquid Multi-Vitamins is manufactured in Sweden using the latest manufacturing technology, and the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

Manufactured in a GMP certified facility (Good Manufacturing Practice) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Taste Good

I brought this for my three children aged between 3-7 I had no complaints about the taste. Bottle was not that big in that case it did not last very long.

Strong flavour

Nice tasting but strong flavour

Super easy to give and very similar to orange juice consentrate

This bottle of multivitamins, minerals and supergreens liquid is so easy to give and any child that drinks juice (most of them lol) then this is a very easy way to just add the required dosage to their orange juice effectively hiding it inside their bottle/sippy cup etc
This contains a fantastic range of vits which can be really beneficial for fussy eaters where parents struggle to get them to eat a varied diet especially vegetables that kids tend to avoid like the plague.
The price might be a little prohibitive for some people though, priced at just under £20 at time of review is quite pricey for what is either just over a months supply for 3 to 9yr olds or just over 2 weeks supply for 10 to 16yr olds.
15ml dose is recommended for 3 to 9yr olds giving 33 doses and 30ml is recommended for 10 to 16yr olds effectively halving the amount of time.
None the less I think getting vitamins into children is essential for their continuing development and cost should be a secondary thought.
This liquid orange similar to an orange concentrate smells strongly of vitamins, you can definitely smell the vits so I'd highly suggest to mix this with their orange juice rather than try and give it neat (which you can do)
The manufacturing process seems to be of high quality with non GMO ingredients, nut free, egg free, soy free, vegan, lactose free, gluten free and so on and the bottle has a best before date and batch number.
The bottle arrived sealed with a break neck seal for your assurance.
The bottle looks pretty funky, nice and colourful making it child orientated and easier to educate your child should they question why you're adding something to their juice lol
My bottle arrived with an handy dosing cup with 5,10,15 and 20 ml increments clearly labelled on the cup.
All of the vits, minerals and greens are labelled on the bottle and I have to admit that with this liquid containing spirulina (which is itself quite an expensive supplement on its own) I was happier with the price/value as this is a supergreen supplement that is rapidly garnering a reputation for its nutritional value. Also contains alfalfa powder and broccoli powder.
In addition to this it also contains coenzyme Q10 which again is another supplement that can be quite pricey on its own (good for digestion by the way and helping the body to absorb nutrients)
I think given the amount of vitamins etc then this is a very good choice and definitely a product we'd consider purchasing again.
Great way to get vitamins into kids easily especially those that have fussy appetites.

Kids Approved

My kids don’t mind taking this. It tastes like melted lollipop. Very orange. Have bit of zing and not too sweet. Could possibly be added to smoothies too if taste is a problem. Good size large bottle.


Really good sized bottle so great value . My very fussy seven year old likes the flavour and takes it without protest .